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Bassett Green Primary School

Bassett Green Primary School

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Be Brave, Be Brilliant, Be our Best

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!


Senior Leadership Team


Mrs Charlotte Stillwell



Mrs Lucie Whitren

Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Zoe Agius

Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Nicola Long

Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Sarah Bradshaw

Interim School Business Manager


Reception Team



Dolphins Class

Mrs Sam Nortcliff (Year Leader)

Mrs Tracy Gains

Seahorses Class

Mrs Gemma Williams/

Mrs Grace Tucker

Mrs Gemma Allen



Year 1 Team



Frogs Class

Miss Elodie Parker (Year Leader)

Mrs Helen Cullum

Ducklings Class

Miss Kelly Till

Mrs Lissa Sharpe

Otters Class

Miss Sophie OldhamMrs Lisa Phillips

Other Support Staff

Anamika Ahamed   

Year 2 Team



Caterpillars Class

Miss Jenny Stretton (Year Leader)

Miss Stacey Blue

Grasshoppers Class

Miss Charlotte Downie/ Mrs Victoria Basley

Mrs Tracy Tonner 

Ladybirds Class

Miss Analucia Pinto Del Rio

Miss Kate Bolt 

Other Support Staff

Becci Gough  

Year 3 Team



Bats Class

Mrs Sarah Wareham (Year Leader)

Mrs Alison White

Polecats Class

Mr Ollie Hyde

Miss Chloe Elgram

Hedgehogs Class

Miss Lexi HattonMrs Dawn Harris 
Other Support Staff  
Mandy Stephens   

Year 4 Team



Foxes Class

Miss Becky McGugan

Mrs Cecilia Russell 

Badgers Class

Mr Sam Lockwood

Mrs Gillian Mcintyre

RabbitsMiss Lizzie Tarrant 

Year 5 Team



Robins Class

Mr Richard Laming (Year Leader)

Mrs Juy Wills 

Kingfishers Class

Mrs Jo Quinn


Other Support Staff

Donna DowningAlex Parker  

Year 6 Team



Eagles Class


Mrs Karen Jewell (Year Leader)


Mrs Mhairi Smith

Falcons Class

Mr Dominic Ducellier

Mrs Mandy Johnson

Kestrels ClassMiss Hannah Freeman/ Miss Lucy MaceMiss Anna Lorek

Other Support Staff

 Miss Kelly Swain

Satvir Pardesi


Additional Teaching Staff Team


Mrs Katie Edwards (Spanish)

Mrs Lucy Heptinstall (PPA cover)

Mrs Seren Roberts (PPA cover)

Mrs Lis Olaniyan (Interventions)Mrs Sonia Bassi (Intervetions) Mrs Mary Williams (PPA cover)
Mrs Amanda Fraser (PPA Cover)  

PE Team


PE Teacher

Mrs Gemma Applegarth


Special Educational Needs



Miss Amy Clare 

Speech & Language Team


Speech and Language TA

Mrs Lisa A Phillips




ELSAMrs Gillian McIntyre 
ELSAMrs Kelly Swain 

Nurture Nest

Pastoral TeacherMr Mark Thornton 

Interim learning mentor 

Miss Sam Stride


Interim learning mentor

Mrs Kelly Kimber


Family Support Team


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Linda Carpenter


Behaviour Support  


Intervention Officer

Mr Thomas Bastable 

Site Team


Site manager

Mr Steve Gale


Assistant site manager

Ms Sherry Gray


Administration Team


Interim School Business Manager

Mrs Sarah Bradshaw


Admin Officer

Mrs Amy Ayers


ICT & Projects Officer

Mr Nick Dawson


Admissions & Attendance Officer

Mr Adam Barnes


Receptionist / Medical Administrator

Mrs Mel PooleyMrs Sarah Glister



Mrs G Ralph

Ms K Joliffe

Miss L Marlow

Mrs K Glasspool

Mrs S O'Connell


Mrs T Hillyar

Miss V Hayes 

Cleaning Team


Miss K Rigby

Miss Shania SimpsonMr D Rigby
Mrs Andrea Ditchburn  



If you have a question or a problem, please see your child's class teacher in the first instance. However, if you would like to speak to a senior member of staff, or discuss a problem in more detail, please make an appointment with the school office. 


Be Brave, Be Brilliant, Be our Best