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Year 6 Spanish

 Year 6 are in their fourth year of learning Spanish and the first year group to be taught the entire Bassett Green Spanish curriculum!


Autumn Term

We are learning to talk about the weather and are creating simple weather forecasts for Spain.  Here are some weather forecasters for each class:    

Tiempo Eagles.MP3

Tiempo Eagles 1.MP3

Tiempo Kestrels.MP3

Tiempo Kestrels 1.MP3

Tiempo en España - Halcones 1.MP3

Tiempo en España - Halcones 2.MP3

We are using weather phrases with phrases we learnt last year to talk about sports and hobbies. We can say and write sentences about what we like to do when it's sunny or when it's raining. 


Some of our best sentences are written on mini-posters on display.

We are learning lots of clothes nouns and can join in with a song about clothes. We can describe the colour of an item of clothing and can recognise other words for describing clothes.

Spring Term


We are learning transport nouns. We will use them in sentences to say where we are going and how. We can join in with a song asking "Where are you going?"

We can use weather phrases, clothes and activities in our sentences to say where we go when it's sunny or snowing, how we get there, what we wear and what we do there. We can include an opinion adjective.

Before the Easter break, we are looking at a traditional Spanish Easter cake recipe in Spanish. We found out the ingredients and looked for Spanish instruction verbs in the dictionary. The recipe is in the powerpoint below. Watch the video of how to make these delicious buns on YouTube: 

Summer Term

We are preparing and practising interviews, which include all the questions and answers we have learnt since year 3. Lots of us are choosing to disguise ourselves with hats, scarves, masks and other costumes. 


Still image for this video
We are retelling the story of the Sleeping Beauty in Spanish. We are working on improving our dictionary skills by replacing the main characters and some other key nouns and adjectives to create our own version of a (crazy) fairy story.

Eagles Sam La bella durmiente.MP3