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Bassett Green Primary School

Curriculum Vision

At Bassett Green Primary School, our children have the opportunity to thrive in a rich curriculum which builds on their prior learning in a range of exciting and engaging ways.  We have adopted a cross curricular approach which helps our pupils to make important links in their learning. Bassett Green’s ‘Curriculum Vision’, is outlined below.


Our Curriculum in More Detail:

In this section, please find the further curriculum experiences on offer in each year group which include the trips and visits throughout the year:

This link shows the ‘Whole School Long Term Plan’: 

When you click on the year groups below, you will find a copy of the individual ‘Long Term Curriculum Plans’ and ‘Parent Newsletters’ specific to your child’s cohort. At the beginning of each half term, you will receive a hard copy of these ‘Curriculum Newsletters’ from your child's class teacher. They include:

  • Our social, moral, spiritual or cultural theme for the unit with a ‘Big Question’.
  • The cross curricular learning links between subjects which are on offer within the unit.
  • Trips, visits and experiences that link to the learning.
  • Top tips for parents so that you can support your child at home or talk to them about their schooling.
  • A breakdown of the learning in each subject with national curriculum references.
  • An investigative learning challenge to trial at home.


​​​​​​​If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.

Important PSHE Curriculum Updates

In line with the governments ‘Statutory Guidance’ our PSHE curriculum has changed for each year group to ensure we are teaching to the new framework. All the documents surrounding these changes, which will take effect in September 2020, can be found in the link below.