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Bassett Green Primary School Curriculum Vision

At Bassett Green Primary School, our children’s education is framed by fundamental British values and engaging themes. Our knowledge rich curriculum aims to facilitate children’s enjoyment; imagination and interest in learning through our aspirational cross-curricular approach. This will be facilitated in contexts that are purposeful and relevant to the valuable community we live in. We intend to encompass subject knowledge through first hand experiences, filled with connected memorable moments within and beyond the school day.  The overarching goal is to prepare our children to independently and successfully thrive as lifelong learners in modern day Britain. Primarily, we are preparing the children for the next stage in their learning.  Together, we will foster a love reading and a love of learning, discovering our children’s potential and talents. We will challenge them to know more and remember more; meeting or exceeding meaningful coverage of the national curriculum. Every child has the right to shine and achieve ambitious end points academically, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. It is our duty to enable Bassett Green’s children of today to be the dynamic and responsible innovators, problem solvers and liberators of the future. 


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