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Be Brave, Be Brilliant, Be our Best

Year 3 Spanish

Autumn term 2023


All year 3 classes have started Spanish lessons learning how to greet each other in Spanish. We have looked at the very interesting upside down exclamation mark which tells us at the start of the sentence to speak with a very happy voice! ¡Hola! ¡Buenos días! We are learning Spanish phonics to help us pronounce words really well.

Listen to the song we start lessons with:


We are learning how to ask for and state our names in Spanish. We have seen the upside down question mark which lets us know that a question is coming up and we should make our voice sound questioning. 

¿Cómo te llamas?  Me llamo...

We are learning to say how we feel in Spanish: ¿Cómo estás?

Lots of children tell me: ¡Estoy estupendo! or even: Estoy fatal cool. We will practise actions for each feeling from amazing down to terrible.

We are learning numbers 1-10, and may even be able to say 11 and 12. We must look carefully at Spanish phonics to help with saying and spelling the numbers correctly. You can look at the letters on the PowerPoint and try to remember the actions and sounds for each one.


Listen to these year 3 classes singing numbers 1-10 in Spanish!

Bats Los números.MP3

Hedgehogs Los números.MP3

Spring Term 2024


We are learning 9 pencil case nouns so that we can ask and answer useful questions in the classroom. Nouns in Spanish are masculine or feminine and we are learning about this grammatical idea. Do we need to say "un" or "una"?


We are using pencil case nouns in a question to ask "Do you have...?" and in answers to say "I have..." or "I don't have...": "Do you have a rubber?" or "I don't have a pencil."


We are remembering colour adjectives that we learned last term, so that we can try describing the colour of an item.


We are working towards making a lift-the-flap book that we will share at home at the end of term. Our books are all in Spanish! Here are photos of all the work from 2023. Check back soon for the current year 3 pupils' work.

Bats Class 2024

Bats class 2023

Hedgehogs class - Lift the flap books

Summer Term 2024


We are learning days of the week. We have a really fun song to sing along to! We will also learn fruit and food words, that a very hungry insect likes... We are finding out how to use a bi-lingual dictionary.

We are listening to and recognising key words in the story of The Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish. We are learning a song about the caterpillar. We will record our own song later in the half term.

Check later in the term for current year 3 pupils' performance.

Summer 2023: La oruga muy hambrienta - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Still image for this video
Listen to Year 3 singing a song about The Very Hungry Caterpillar. A fantastic effort, well done! All the children worked very hard to learn the actions and join in with the words.
Be Brave, Be Brilliant, Be our Best