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Be Brave, Be Brilliant, Be our Best

Pupil Leadership Team

At Bassett Green Primary School, we believe that our children have a key role in the development of our school and we want them to play an active and positive role in all aspects of school life.  Through taking on key leadership roles, the children’s voice and opinions can be heard. 


The principles of effective pupil leadership include:

  • Recognising that pupils have logical perspectives and opinions on issues that matter in the classroom, in the school, and in the community.
  • Giving pupils an active role in influencing decisions about these issues as well as in the implementation of these decisions.
  • Enabling pupils to participate as active young citizens.


There is much evidence to suggest that when pupils engage with pupil leadership programmes that have a positive impact their capacity for learning increases.


We value the work of our pupil leadership team, using it to shape the teaching, learning and ethos that happens at our school.  We actively encourage the children to challenge, discuss and debate issues which are important to them whilst feeling safe to offer their ideas and opinions.  Through regular meetings, the Pupil Leadership Team represent the views of the children throughout the school.


Our Pupil Leadership Team are elected, by their peers, at the start of each school year after sharing their reasons why they would make a strong leader. They are role models of the school and enjoy having the responsibility.  The team is led by a head boy/girl and a deputy head boy/girl.  Our current pupil leadership team includes:


Year 6 - Head boy


Year 6 - Head girl


Year 6 - Deputy head boy


Year 6 - Deputy head girl


Year 5 representative


Year 4 representative


Year 3 representative


Year 2 representative


Year 1 representative


Year R representative



Charlotte Stillwell, Headteacher, leads the pupil leadership team and meets regularly with them as a team.  Although this year has been very different due to the pandemic, the pupil leadership team continued to provide words of encouragement to the children at Bassett Green.


Our pupil leadership team will now be working on further ways to improve our school since returning from lockdown.


What do our pupil leadership team say?


“I promise to help improve the school and help make Bassett Green the best we can be”.


“I’m here to encourage others to try their hardest”.


 “I’m excited to have this opportunity and I promise every pupil will have a voice”.


“Me and the head and deputy team will always be here to support you”.


Be Brave, Be Brilliant, Be our Best