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Breakfast Club

Bassett Green Primary Breakfast Club


SESSION BOOKING FORM:  September 2019 – July 2020


Please find below information including a booking form to be completed if you wish your child to attend our Breakfast Club between September 2019 and July 2020


Please indicate on the table below which sessions your child will be attending Breakfast Club. 


This document will form a contract once signed by both the parent/carer and the school.  This contract will expire at the end of the academic year, July 2020, and you need to complete one for each child coming to Breakfast Club.


Please Note: Sessions must be paid for in advance on a weekly basis.


The cost per session is  £3.50


If your child is currently entitled to free school meals (NOT Universal Free School Meals currently free to all KS1 pupils) you will still need to complete the booking form to secure a place.


Children must be booked into the club prior to attending.


Children must not be left at the gate but walked to the door and received by member of staff on duty.


Please complete both parts of this form, sign and return to the school Office.


Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Breakfast Club Fees and Payment Policy



We aim to ensure that our Breakfast Club offers a service to all our parents and carers regardless of their socio-economic background.



  • In order to achieve this aim we will run the Breakfast Club for five sessions per week.
  • Our Breakfast Club will begin at 7.30am and end at 8.50am. Breakfasts are served between 7.30am and 8.15am. The Breakfast Club staff are unable to provide breakfast to children who arrive after 8.15am.
  • We set our fees according to the community’s demands, taking into account the setting’s costs.
  • Pre-booked sessions are contracted on a termly basis to protect the parent/carer’s needs as well as the schools
  • Pre booking of sessions either paid for or free (in receipt of Free School Meals) is an important requirement to ensure we are providing the correct child/adult ratio


Pre-booked Sessional costs

  • We expect parents / carers to book and pay for sessions in advance, as far as is possible, before the start of each half term.
  • Each pre-booked Breakfast Club session will cost £3.50 to be paid at the beginning of the week, payment can be made via Scopay or in the main office in advance.
  • If sufficient places have not been booked to maintain the financial viability of the setting we reserve the right to close Bassett Green Primary School Breakfast Club until the beginning of the following term.


Ad Hoc Session Payment  

  • There is no provision for Ad Hoc Sessions in the Breakfast Club.


Late payment

  • The financial viability of the Breakfast Club depends on the prompt payment of sessions.
  • If this payment plan is not adhered to then the Breakfast Club may have to refuse your child entry to future sessions.


Form Completion

  • Parents / carers will be asked to complete all the necessary forms and consents when registering their child / children with Breakfast Club.
  • Parents / carers must not knowingly book their child into a session they will not then attend.
  • Sessions should be booked each term in advance using our session booking form.
  • The session booking form will be issued to parents at the end of each term.
  • These should be filled out and returned to the school office, to ensure that appropriate staffing levels can be managed and that the Breakfast Club remains financially viable.



  • We cannot refund sessions a child has missed due to illness or holidays.
  • When a session is booked it is held open for that child whether or not they then attend.
  • Written notice is required, two weeks in advance, if cancelling your child’s place. Failure to do so may result in payment being required for the booked sessions.
  • For pupils in receipt of Free School Meals their place will not be held open continuously and will be withdrawn after 3 booked and missed sessions.


Cancellation of Sessions  

  • Sessions will remain chargeable unless written notice is given. If circumstances require sessions to be cancelled during the term then please speak to the Breakfast Club staff.
  • Breakfast Club will not operate on school Inset Days.