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Be brave, be brilliant, be our best.

Vision and Values

At Bassett Green Primary School, each child is at the heart of all that we do. We create an environment and ethos that ensures equal opportunity for every child.


Each child is unique and gifted with personal qualities and skills and is encouraged to recognise their personal value.


Each child should be independent, resilient and an enthusiastic lifelong-learner.


Each child should dream without limitations and have high aspirations for their future.


School is a safe place where each child feels supported and secure so that they are able to grow in confidence as they explore a wide range of opportunities, which are enhanced by partnerships and collaborations with local schools.


Individual differences and the diversity of our community are celebrated.  We have high expectations of pupils, families and staff to enable each child, regardless of their starting point, to reach their potential in academic work and develop into responsible caring citizens who contribute fully to their community.


Underpinning our Vision are our core values of Respect, Challenge, Resilience and Teamwork.

We have four key values at our school:

Parents Guide to School Values