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Remote Learning

Contingency plans for COVID-19


September 2021

Reviewed- Monday 15th November 2021- no changes


Please read in conjunction with latest DFE advice: ework_FINAL.pdf



Community risk



Low Community Transmission. No or very few (under 5) School Cases.

Cases of Covid locally are low and/ or stable.

Hospitalisation/ Deaths due to Covid nationally are low.

No Covid measures are necessary beyond:

Reminding children of good hand-hygiene. · Continue with regular cleaning schedule as we have now

Ensuring good ventilation encouraged where practical.

Ensuring Children / Staff to stay at home if they have Covid Symptoms (and to book a PCR test).

Staff will continue to test themselves using Lateral flow tests twice a week.

Rapidly Rising Community Transmission

Increasing number of COVID cases across school

Cases of Covid are rising rapidly in the community

SCC report increasing cases/ Public Health England (UK health security agency) issue warnings of expected local/ national infection wave.

Ventilation of classrooms increased

Masks in communal areas

Staff-room capacity is reduced. Year group assemblies are replaced with virtual assemblies. Clinically Vulnerable staff meet with Line-Managers to review their individual risk assessment & discuss additional protection

A positive case

A single child or adult tests positive for Covid in a class. There are fewer than 5 cases in the year group.  No other year groups are affected.

The child/adult self-isolates for 10 days. Remote learning (AR/TTS/Bug Club) and a home learning pack will be provided if requested and they are well enough to complete it.  The parents of the child/ close contacts of the adult are contacted directly by NHS Track and Trace to establish likely contacts. Likely contacts will be contacted by NHS Track & Trace and advised to book at PCR Test. If identified as a close contact- all children or any staff who are double vaccinated do not need to miss school or self-isolate whilst they wait for the result of the PCR test unless they have Covid Symptoms.

5 children or staff within a year group test positive within 10 days of each other. OR 10% of children or staff who have mixed closely have tested positive within a 10 day period

There have been 5 cases of Covid across a year group within 10 days, which could mean that Covid is spreading within that group of children.

As above for each positive case.


The school will discuss the outbreak with PHE and agree strengthening protective measures for 10 school days, including: Adapting, limiting or postponing indoor sporting events, trips, open days. Assemblies in classrooms not in year groups. Reducing the amount of classes staff work across and children mix with. Consider reintroducing class room based lunches. Strongly encourage primary aged children to LFD test at home twice a week. There may be a need to send a class bubble home at this stage- advice will be sought with DFE and local Public Health. If this is the case, remote learning to be provided within 24 hours

Phased Recovery Plan for September 2021 Onwards*

*To be used alongside the latest government COVID guidance and school’s risk assessment. Any plans in this document are subject to change based on reviews of each phase, and any changes to COVID/H&S guidance or risk assessments. This largely covers the practical changes taking place due to changes in national guidance, rather than curriculum recovery.


Phase 1: September to October

Phase 2: October  to Christmas (Planned but may be revised based on data available nearer the time.)

Phase 3: January onwards (Planned but may be revised based on data available nearer the time.)

Drop-off and collection

  • Gates open at 8.15am and close at 8.45am.
  • New start time all children at 8.30am
  • Parents informed of lining up areas Year 1-4 outside external classroom doors and Year 5 and 6 on the courts.
  • Same as Phase 1.
  • Explore the reduction in late/drop off window to 10 minutes.

One-way system

  • One- way system removed and cones to allow for greater foot traffic of parents and carers to arrive and leave at the same time.
  • Same as Phase 1.
  • Same as Phase 1.

Break times

  • Break times will be staggered by EYFS, KS1 and KS2.
  • Designated lining up areas in year groups
  • This ensures children have more space to utilise during their break.
  • Wet play in year group bubbles.
  • Same as Phase 1.
  • Keep under review.

Lunch times


  • Children will no longer eat lunch in their classrooms.
  • Hot dinners will be available in the hall.
  • Lunches will remain staggered across the school to reduce the number of children using both the hall, dining hall and playgrounds at any one time.
  • Some lunchtime clubs e.g. library club will be reintroduced.
  • Further lunchtime clubs introduced, with potentially further mixing allowed within clubs.
  • Potentially further mixing allowed within clubs.

Bubbles/mixing classes

  • We will return to allowing children in different classes/year groups to mix, outside only. 
  • Class buddy system can begin between Year 6 and Reception.
  • Bubble system may need to return as part of contingency plan (in discussion with public health).
  • Review Phase 1 and adjust as necessary.
  • Same as Phase 2.

Good hygiene

  • Good hygiene, including hand washing, “catch it, bin it, kill it”, coughing into an elbow, will continue to be encouraged. 
  • Sanitisers outside classrooms to be maintained and refilled by site manager.
  • Classroom staff responsible for ensuring other hygiene materials are available in classrooms e.g. tissues, soap. These can be requested from the site manager or business manager.
  • Children should wash/sanitise their hands:
    • Coming into school
    • Before eating at break
    • Returning to the classroom after break
    • Before eating at lunch
    • Returning to the classroom after lunch
    • As they leave school
    • At any other time when hands are unclean e.g. after sneezing.
  • Keep under review based on latest guidance.
  • Keep under review based on latest guidance.

Regular LFD testing

  • Staff and families at home will continue to be encouraged to take part in twice-weekly LFD testing using home testing kits.
  • This is to pick up any asymptomatic cases and shouldn’t be used where people are symptomatic (PCR tests should still be used).
  • LFD testing remains voluntary.
  • Follow latest government guidance on home testing.
  • Follow latest government guidance on home testing.


  • Year group bubble interventions can resume but not mixed year group interventions.
  • TAs can work across several year groups and will be deployed by leaders to meet the needs of the children across the key stage / school.
  • Same as Phase 1.
  • Same as Phase 1.

School trips

  • School trips, including residential, to return.
  • Each trip should be risk assessed and should additional COVID risks be identified, e.g. cases within group on trip, high risk at trip location, these risks should be mitigated if possible, or the trip should be postponed.
  • Same as Phase 1.
  • Same as Phase 1.

Parent visits

  • Volunteering to resume in full, with registers of contact.
  • Possibility of further parent visits with larger groups of parents/carers (where distancing between adults/children can’t necessarily be maintained) to be explored for Autumn 2 if possible e.g. Christmas assemblies.
  • Explore possibility of further parents visits where mixing will take place should COVID rates/local restrictions allow.
  • Same as Phase 2.

Parent meetings

  • A hybrid approach to parent meetings will be taken.
  • Some information meetings/workshops will be offered in person and some will take place over Zoom.
  • In the same way, if parents request an individual meeting with a teacher, this may take place over the phone or in-person.
  • Gather feedback on hybrid approach and continue if positive/adapt as necessary.
  • Hybrid approach to Parents’ Evening, with some appointments in-person, and some via zoom/telephone
  • Same as Phase 2.


  • Year group assemblies to resume
  • Celebration assembly to continue on zoom due to mixed year group bubbles.
  • Start to introduce key stage assemblies.
  • Harvest assembly external visitors- mixed- TBC


  • Key stage assemblies weekly.

Remote learning

  • Remote learning will be available for children who are not able to attend due to coronavirus. 
  • Parents can request technology support from school if required.


  • Same as Phase 1 unless a change to guidance.
  • Same as Phase 1 unless a change to guidance.


Face coverings

  • Face coverings no longer required at drop-off/collection.
  • Contractors will require face coverings when working alongside others, or if working in communal areas.
  • Where visitors are working with a smaller, consistent group of children or individuals (e.g. supply teachers, workshop providers, reading volunteers), face coverings will not be required but will be a personal choice.
  • For staff, face coverings around school will be a personal choice, but are no longer required in communal areas.
  • Review guidance on face coverings and amend approach as necessary.
  • Review guidance on face coverings and amend approach as necessary.


  • Open to all 
  • Same as phase 1
  • Same as phase 1


  • Additional cleaning of touch points around communal areas of school, including toilets, by cleaner, ensuring these areas are cleaned at least twice a day.
  • Teaching staff in classrooms have access to cleaning materials to clean further if necessary (e.g. if someone sneezes over a surface).


  • Review cleaning guidance and amend as necessary.
  • Same as Phase 2.

Symptoms/ Isolation

  • There has been a change to the rules on self-isolation.
  • Staff, children and parents/carers should self-isolate straight away and get a PCR test (a test that is sent to the lab) as soon as possible if they have any of these 3 symptoms of COVID-19, even if they are mild:
    • a high temperature
    • a new, continuous cough
    • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  • They should also self-isolate straight away if:
    • they've tested positive for COVID-19 – this means they have the virus
  • If someone they live with has symptoms of COVID-19, or has tested positive for COVID-19, they will not need to self-isolate if any of the following apply:
    • they’re fully vaccinated – this means 14 days have passed since their final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine given by the NHS
    • they’re under 18 years,
    • they’re taking part or have taken part in a COVID-19 vaccine trial
    • they’re not able to get vaccinated for medical reasons.
  • Follow latest government guidance on isolation.
  • Follow latest government guidance on isolation.


Be Brave, Be Brilliant, Be our Best