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Year 3 Spanish

Autumn term 1

All year 3 classes have started Spanish lessons learning how to greet each other in Spanish. We have looked at the very interesting upside down exclamation mark which tells us at the start of the sentence to speak with a very happy voice! ¡Hola! ¡Buenos días!

Listen to the song we start lessons with:


We are learning how to ask for and state our names in Spanish. We have seen the upside down question mark which lets us know that a question is coming up and we should make our voice sound questioning. 

¿Cómo te llamas?  Me llamo...

We have been learning to say how we feel in Spanish: ¿Cómo estás?

Lots of children tell me: ¡Estoy estupendo! or even: Estoy fatal cool. We practised actions for each feeling from amazing down to terrible.

Autumn term 2

We have learnt numbers 1-10, and may even be able to say 11 and 12. We looked carefully at Spanish phonics to help with spelling the numbers correctly. You can look at the letters on the PowerPoint and try to remember the actions and sounds for each one.


We used our numbers to learn how to say our ages. This fantastic song helps us to remember the question and how to form the answer:

We learnt 10 colours and were able to colour in a picture of the Three Kings/Wise Men with a great activity created by Sunderland Schools. The colour code was written in Spanish.


Spring Term 1


We are learning the words for items in our pencil case. We are also finding out that all nouns in Spanish are masculine and feminine. We can normally spot a feminine noun because they often end with the letter "a".


We are creating sentences with pencil case nouns by using the conjugated verb "I have", "I don't have" and "Do you have?"


We used all the questions we have learnt in Spanish to create a lift the flap book. Under each flap we wrote the Spanish answer. The best books are on display outside Bats classroom.

Spring term 2


We are learning more nouns and remembering that some are masculine and some are feminine. This half term, it is words for animals.  There are some funny pictures of the animals to help us remember the Spanish nouns.


We are able to ask "Do you have an animal?" and answer using the Spanish we have already learnt.

We have read and understood the Spanish version of Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle - Oso Pardo. We combined animals and colours to make our own version of the story. Then we created a mini book about animals and their colour. Here are some examples of our work on display.
Picture 1
Picture 2

Summer term 1


We are learning food vocabulary. We started healthily looking at fruit words, then moved on to snacks and cakes! We have seen some funny pictures of the foods to help us remember the Spanish words.


We are learning days of the week. We really like the song we sing about them!

Summer term 2


We designed some amazing canteen menus using days of the week, fruit, snacks and typical Spanish food: paella, tortilla, tapas, gambas, gazpacho. 

We are listening to and understanding the story of The Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish. We are learning a song about the caterpillar. We should record our song in a few weeks.

Bats Performance

Hedgehogs Performance

Polecats performance

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