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Year 3 – Impala

Welcome to Impala Class!


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Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

Impala class have been working very hard to research websites during their computing sessions. We were trying to find sites that help us learn. We wanted to share our findings so that others can use these websites.



Bug Club

Bug club helps you learn to read by enabling you to read thousands of different books. It asks you question as you read the book to make sure you understand. You need a username, a school code (Bassett greens code is: 6CQM) and password to enter bug club.


Website address:




Purple  mash

Purple  mash  helps   you  to  learn  maths , dividing and games  to  learn  more  work.

Purple  mash  is  like  bug  club  but with  better  games  with  maths   and  other   things.  You have to have a login.






YouTube can show you any videos, films and any songs you like. It can show you that what is happening around the world. It’s a really good website. Try it out.






Teach your  monster  to  read 

It helps you learn your phonics sounds and have fun at the same time. You can play games which help you to learn.

Website address:





This site helps you with maths and English and gives you lots of activities to do. For example: puppies and jelly beans are in groups and you have to count them to find the total. 

It helps you learn in different ways.                

Website address: