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Be Brave, Be Brilliant, Be our Best

Year 2 Music

Autumn Term: The Disgusting Sandwich

This week we explored the glockenspiels and put the notes in order so we can start our composition soon. We found Mrs Williams' puppets - Chase, Dory, Elsa, Fred Flintstone, Gruffalo, Ana and Bee







Do you know the names of the notes?



In week 2 we tried putting 3 notes together to make high and low compositions.  Mrs. Williams was very proud and video'd Caterpillars, but the camera wouldn't download them sadly.

Week 3 Copying

Still image for this video
Playing along to C,D and E on youtube. Great focus!

Week 3: Creating our own high/low pitch pattern

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We composed our patterns and played them to the class

Week 4 - composing with 4 notes

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We tried to play together, it was very difficult

Week 4 - Composing

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These children have played a duet together. Well done.

Week 5 - Writing our music

End of unit performance. Can you hear the repeated parts?

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Autumn 2: The Sleepy Story Orchestra

This term we area learning all about the instruments of the orchestra and the effects of dynamics on the music (how loud and quiet it is)


Week 1: We learnt the Italian names for quiet and loud - piano (pronounced pi-ah-no) and forte (for-tay)

Week 2: We ordered the percussion instruments from quietest to loudest (piano to forte!)

Week 3 we looked at string instruments.  Mrs Williams and Zenny sang the Titanic chorus with Mrs Williams playing the only 3 chords she knows on the guitar! 


Week 5: Listening to Fairy Tale Characters

Spring Term:

Spring 1:


Spring 2:

Kandinsky ChromeLab mixing art and music


Summer Term

Summer 1:

Teaching based on


Summer 2:

Growing Plants

Be Brave, Be Brilliant, Be our Best