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Helping Children Learn


Bassett Green Primary School is a language rich school. We believe in Talk for Writing to teach our children. Talk for Writing enables children to orally rehearse and imitate key language needed for a particular topic before they try writing, reading and analysing it. We use fun activities including drama and role play to help our children rehearse the language they need. This is followed by shared writing to show children how to become writers. This enables them to choose language and techniques in their own independent writing which in turn helps them develop their own writer voice. 


In Talk for Writing there are 3 stages:


  1. Imitation – all units begin with a hook - an exciting activity or mystery to engage the children. Then children learn a model text with a text map and physical movements so they are able to recall the piece. Once they have internalised the language of the text they can then begin to analyse it and think about the key ingredients that make it work.

  2. Innovation – now children know the text they can adapt parts, words or phrases and use their own ideas to create a new version. Children alter text maps and orally rehearse their own version of the story. They then write their own version after watching a ‘shared write’ completed as a class

  3. Invention – independent application. Children can take the language, skills and ideas learnt and create a final independent version of the original. As children get older, they are able to use all the texts they have learnt to make more elaborate and inventive adaptations to settings, characters and contexts.  Children create and use their own toolkits to support their writing, which can be drawn upon at any time, and in a wide range of subject areas.


We are lucky enough to have invested heavily in taking part the two year Primary Writing Project alongside several other local primary schools.  This has meant that all our staff, both teaching and support, have received bespoke training in applying the principles of Talk for Writing across our school, and we look forward to developing our expertise in the coming years.