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Autumn Term

This 1/2 term the pupils in Year 5 will be developing their cognitive skills using the Real PE programme. This will involve learning to solve challenges both individually and as a team.

Games - We will also be carrying out a unit of Basketball focusing on the basic skills of passing, receiving, dribbling and game play. The pupils will also be carrying out a fitness unit.

Spring 1

During this half term, Year 5 pupils have been developing a range of balancing activities. These activities included Dynamic Balance and Counterbalance. The pupils have also developed a range of reviewing techniques to show their knowledge and understanding. The main reviewing method that Year 5 have enjoyed using is the different roles on a bus.

Spring 2

Year 5 have been focusing on One Leg Balancing and Jumping in PE.  Throughout these lessons the children have been exploring working in teams. They have used creativity to develop new tactics and strategies of their own building on prior learning. These new ideas have promoted positive competition and successful game play amongst the group.

Summer 1

This half term the pupils will be focusing on improving their Balancing and Floor Movement Skills. Throughout the lessons the children will be exploring balancing on different pieces of equipment as well as trying different ways of moving along the floor. Some Floor Movements Skills have included: hopping, skipping, side steps and zigzags.


Summer 2

To finish the school year, we have our Sports Day, so we will be practising hard for all the events. Once sports day is completed he main focus of our lessons will change to some Summer sports such as Orienteering, Tennis, Cricket and Rounders. Within these sports will be following the Real PE curriculum and carrying out a range of challenges focusing on the pupils hand eye co-ordination.