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Get Active Ideas

Top tips  to get active over half term

  • A walk in the park - Walking is a great active hobby and is a great way to de-stress. It does not have to be something you do alone, you can do it with friends too. So instead of meeting a friend for coffee, why not meet them for a walk instead? 

  • Dance off! - Dancing is a really fun way of burning energy - it can be in a class with friends, in front of the TV or dancing to the radio when nobody’s watching! All you need is a great tune. 

  • Get on your bike! - Cycle round your local park or try an organised bike ride. Many of them are short distances and are a great way to get cycling with friends and family. 

  • Splash out - Whether it’s a regular splash around with family or friends or swimming lengths, it’s a fun way to get active. 

  • Bowl them over - Activity does not have to feel like a workout - a regular trip to the bowling alley with friends or family is a great way of getting up and about and beginning to build more exercise into your life.

  • Take on the kids - Think about the sports you enjoy watching on TV and get out and give them a try. Why not try a trip to the local pitch-and-putt, a game of ping-pong or a kick-about in the park.